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House of Commons Ayes/Noes Socks



A new design for 2020, our Ayes/Noes socks allude to the voting process in the chamber of the House of Commons. 

Presented in eco-friendly compostable bags made from potato starch.

  • Fits adult sizes 6 - 11 
  • 80% cotton, 15% polyamide, 5% elastan
  • Machine washable

"Ayes to the right"

The lobbies either side of the House of Commons Chamber are used when the House divides for a vote. Members of Parliament vote by walking through one of these lobbies and are counted as they do so. Those voting in favour always use the lobby to the right (the Aye Lobby) and those voting against use the lobby to the left (the No Lobby). Hence the phrases ‘Ayes to the right’ and ‘Noes to the left’.